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Create your new work order

This will allow us to solely and completely give undivided attention to our Private label Clients.
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Work order requests are confirmed Monday through Friday as quickly as possible in the order received. 

It is imperative that your work order number appear on your shipping label for our ease of identification. We have had to institute a non-negotiable $25.00 service fee for unlabeled and unexpected shipments due to the time it takes to identify the order and owner.

  • All e-mail correspondence regarding your work order should be completed within your work order confirmation email thread.
  • All phone calls need to reference the work order number. We cannot complete any services undocumented in writing. Please follow phone calls with an email.
  • If you have multiple active work order numbers, please address each work order number separately. If e-mailing, reserve updates to the specific work order’s email thread to avoid confusion. If over the telephone, please notify our representative at the start of the phone call that you wish to discuss two distinctly separate work orders. If sending order specific materials such as FNSKU labels or shipping labels, please send in their distinct email threads. Your attention here assists us in offering you an efficient and simple experience.



  1. Payment is due at the time of order completion. Shipments will be withheld until payment has been confirmed.
  2. Shipments with unpaid invoices will remain in our facility until payment is made. Unpaid orders will be liquidated or disposed of after 30 days.
  3. Estimates are valid for 60 days. Orders arriving after 60 days of estimate issuance are subject to increase. (Some pricing is fixed and does not vary, however you should be aware of your overall timeline and plan accordingly.)
  4. Storage fees will accrue based on your shipment’s overall volume after 5- business days (some exceptions apply) beginning on the day we send your report and notify you that your shipment is ready. F
  5. Shipments arriving without identifying information (your work order number and name) are subject to disposal after 7 days! We cannot hold unidentifiable inventory!
  6. Scheduled storage will need to be paid monthly to continue to reserve your storage space.
  7. Small parcel Forward Only orders are granted a 3-day grace period before storage fees begin to accrue and are subject to the same abandonment policy beyond 30 days. LTL shipments will be adjusted accordingly.
  8. If you use UPS, DHL, or Fed-Ex as your import carrier, we will receive your customs duty invoice unless you have an International Billing account and specify yourself as the “bill to” party on your shipping documents. FBA Inspection charges a non-negotiable service fee for remitting duty fee payment on your behalf.
  9. FBA Inspection cannot be held liable for damage sustained to shipping cartons, product packaging, or any portions of shipments arriving to FBA Inspection’s processing center. Noticeable exceptions will be documented, however we expect transit damage and you should, too. We will aid in providing evidence to support your claims.

A new work order must be requested for each new shipment sent to FBA Inspection to maintain efficiency and timeliness.

Need professional photography for your products? Please send your photography request to include either instructions and/or example images to and our photographer will get back to you as quickly as possible!

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