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Amazon To Release Buy Shipping For Seller Fulfilled Prime

Amazon Buy Shipping

Amazon is releasing a new shipping API for Seller-Fulfilled Prime on 1 February 2016.

Under the new Amazon Buy Shipping API, sellers using Seller-Fulfilled Prime will have to use Amazon’s list of preferred delivery services in order to continue to avail of Prime.

However, there is an extra twist. Amazon isn’t providing a service to access its API – you need to find your own integration, either through an internal build or by using a third party service.

Sellers will still likely be able to use the same shipping companies they did prior to joining Amazon Prime. But the choice of shipping company has to be made through Amazon’s API, where it lists its preferred shippers (UPS, FedEx etc).

The water cooler conversations here at XSellco HQ suggest this feature could be part of Amazon’s strategy towards becoming a package-delivery service, with Amazon itself joining the list of preferred shippers at some point in the future.

Amazon expands Seller-Fulfilled Prime

Amazon has added more than 500,000 products to the Prime catalogue, just six months after it began inviting self-fulfilled sellers to join its premium service.

The eCommerce giant first made Prime shipping available by invite-only in June 2015, inviting self-fulfilled sellers with a strong delivery track record to make their products “Prime-eligible”.

Former Amazon executive James Thomson told Webretailer that Seller-Fulfilled Prime is “not just about controlling online markets, but also bricks and mortar retailers too”.

Basically, by allowing Amazon sellers with their own urban warehouse spaces to join Prime, Amazon will be physically closer to its customers than ever. This strategy fits in with Amazon’s expansion of its Logistics and Pantry services, making one-hour deliveries a real possibility.

How to join Seller-Fulfilled Prime

Amazon Prime grants you access to the cream of the crop in terms of Amazon customers.

About 70% of Prime customers spend $800 a year on Amazon, compared to 15% of non-members. Prime opens the door for sellers to a whole lot of customer spending power.

With premium services come premium entry criteria. To be eligible for Seller-Fulfilled Prime, sellers must have:

Location: Sellers’ business ship-from address must be located in the US, UK, Germany or another eligible country.
Account Type: Sellers must have an account with a professional selling plan, and the account must active and in good standing.
Premium Ship Options: Sellers must be enrolled in Premium Ship Options (One-Day and/or Two-Day Shipping).
Learn more about the benefits of Seller-Fulfilled Prime in our eBook, “Selling in your Prime: A Guide to Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime and Buy Shipping. Download it here.

The Shipping solution

XSellco Swift is a shipping software designed to streamline the shipping process for Amazon self-fulfilled sellers. Swift connects directly to Amazon’s Buy Shipping API, giving you access to Amazon’s list of preferred shippers at competitive prices.

Features include:

Manage shipping for multiple Amazon channels in one easy-to-use dashboard
Get shipping quotes from a network of Amazon Partnered Carriers
Print all shipping and packaging labels required under Amazon guidelines
Receive automatic notifications of impending order deadline
Automate specific tasks by creating unique rules for SKUs or carriers


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