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China’s Aluminum Price Forecast

China is a top producer of aluminum, and its ongoing battle against pollution could lead to production cuts and, subsequently, skyrocketing aluminum prices.

According to a recent report from Reuters, the aluminum price rally could also potentially be offset by the oversupply situation. Any kind of extreme market fluctuation would be dependent on the Chinese government following through on the shutdown of aluminum-rich provinces during the winter months.

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“When the government in the past tried to implement measures to control production it wasn’t very successful,” Edgardo Gelsomino, research director at consultancy Wood Mackenzie, said. “The only time production cuts really happened in China was when the economics of the smelters didn’t work.”

Aluminum Prices Begin Year on a Strong Note

Our own Raul de Frutos wrote recently on exactly how much US aluminum prices and premiums can rise in 2017. Well, they started off the year strong. “While robust demand has supported aluminum prices, investors’ eyes have recently turned to the supply side of the equation. In December, China’s share of global aluminum output was more than 56%. The giant producer’s share of supply is now facing some serious risks,” de Frutos wrote.

He concluded: “In addition to higher aluminum prices due to supply cuts, we could see higher aluminum premiums due to the ongoing trade tensions, just as we saw the spread between domestic and international steel prices widen.”

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