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High-Performance Fulfillment Companies share these 3 Characteristics.

High Performance Fulfillment Companies

High-performance companies need high-performance fulfillment. There is no other way to assure your customers are getting the outstanding purchasing experience they (and you) expect. There are three characteristics that set high-performance fulfillment companies apart from the crowd.

#1: They are good problem-solvers
Top performance starts when companies work to predict and address potential problems in advance. That way, you can be confident your fulfillment process won’t suffer from “unforeseen” problems that could cost you money or damage your brand’s reputation. This in-depth preparation considers functional issues related to pick and pack or other logistics details. It also considers customer contact issues related to proactive selling and order accuracy.

Good problem solvers are good detectives. Good analysts. They track and study every detail, to uncover every instance in which trouble might be averted or improvements might be made. They anticipate what might go wrong and train their teams to make corrections quickly and positively. That keeps things moving, and it reinforces your brand’s reputation for excellence.

#2: They are good with puzzles
The fulfillment process is like putting together a puzzle. If your company sells only one product (puzzle piece), anyone can get it right. But as your product lines and product variations in sizes, colors, packaging quantities, etc. become more complex, the fulfillment process itself becomes exponentially more complex. When you have myriad puzzle pieces, they don’t all fit together.

Yet every customer order presents a unique puzzle for your fulfillment team. When the customer receives their package, what do they get? All the right pieces, beautifully fitted together? All the right pieces, but dumped in a box for the customer to assemble herself? Most of the pieces, but not all? Wrong pieces that don’t fit or don’t match?

A puzzle with missing or wrong pieces doesn’t work. A package with missing or wrong items is an order unfulfilled. But a flawless puzzle/package is a thing of beauty and a delight to receive. Which brings us to Point #3 . . .

#3: They are customer-centric
The only way to ensure every customer is delighted, every time, is to focus on that customer every step of the way. High-performance fulfillment companies do that, from their initial customer care contacts through packing and shipping and on to delivering an amazing “unboxing” experience for every customer. Every piece in place. Every detail just-right. Just what your company needs. Just what your customers expect.

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