Instructions on how to make FNSKU’s | FBA Inspection

Instructions on how to make FNSKU’s

Please follow our guide below


To create your FNSKU labels: Once in Seller Central, choose Manage FBA Inventory from the top left of your screen. You’ll then select the product you want to create labels for by checking the box to the left of it, and then move up to the apply menu and choose Print Item Labels. From there, it will bring you directly to the FNSKU screen. You will see MSKU to the left, and all the way to the right you will see an entry field with the number 1. You will need to manually update that number to the total number of products you need labeled.

Once completed, please keep the default setting of 30 Up Standard US Letter format , and then click print item labels. Rather than printing, when your print screen appears, you will opt to save as PDF file. Save them as a PDF file in a conspicuous place, perhaps on your desktop, and then attach them into an email for us. We will print them for you.