New Pricing effective 3-1-2021

Bulk Pricing Discount – Sending in more than 500 standard sized units?  Our bulk Pricing for 1 sku with more than 500 standard sized Units are now only $0.35 per unit and fnsku labels, if needed, are only $0.15 per label.  – Must send in 500 or more standard sized units to qualify.  (Bulk Pricing Discount Only applies to brand new product being shipped directly from your supplier, Excludes amazon returns) 

Current Storage fees effective 3-1-2021   $1.50 per cubic foot per month / $35 minimum
storage fees effective 4-1-2021 $1.00 Per cubic foot per month / $35 minimum
Q4 Storage rates effective 10-1-2021 $1.50 per cubic foot per month / $35 minimum

Ask about our 25% discount on storage with a valid credit card on file or auto pay.  (valifd for long-term storage only)

–PLEASE NOTE–  FBA Inspection does Require a few minimums as Noted Below.

$50 Per Work Order Minimum

Processing fees – $10 Per carton Minimum 

Standard Sized Units
(Prices start from)

Oversized units
(Prices start from)

General processing & handling

$0.45 cents

$0.55 cents

Individual product labeling

$0.20 cents

Amazon-compliant poly bags

$0.50 cents

$1.00 cents

Insert placement

$0.15 cents

$0.15 cents


$0.50 cents

Replacement packaging service

$1.00 cents

$1.50 cents

Individual product sorting

$0.10 cents

Amazon removal Orders

$0.55 cents

Duty fee invoice payments


Forward only services

$4.50 per carton

Modified forward only services

$7.50 per carton

LTL pallet & prep

$25.00 per pallet

Feel free to brig your specific or unique requests to us. If we can accomodate, we will!

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