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Compliance verification & solutions

Our team of professionals are trained to spot violations that could potentially get your account suspended. Violations such as Carton size and weight restrictions, polybag requirements, suffocation and expiration labeling requirements, bubble wrap Requirements, restrictions for liquids etc. The list is exhaustive, and we won't be able to find them all, but we have been doing this for a while and we're pretty good at it.

What happens if FBA Inspection finds a compliance violation? - We have a stocked warehouse with compliance solutions available. Once we find a violation which could negatively impact your inbound shipping compliance score or an issue that could lead to negative product reviews, we will notify you of the issue, and offer a solution to correct that issue while your products are still at our warehouse
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Quantity verification

Every Item that is "processed" through our warehouse, is counted out of the original carton and then back into the outbound carton. Carton quantity verification is critical not only to the health of your seller account, but to your bottom line.

Not only will amazon penalize your seller account for sending in the wrong counts, but their automated systems frequently scan incorrectly. When this happens, you can request a human intervention and demand a human recount your inventory, Because you can be confident that the numbers are correct.

Chinese suppliers often weigh their smaller items as a method of counting. you will often get exactly what you ordered, but there might be 109 units in one case 99 In another and yet 92 in another. This can be very bad if Amazon is expecting 3 cases of 100 units each.
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Product inspection and testing

We have three levels of product inspection

Basic - Product Packaging Inspection:
This is our most popular and helps eliminate negative reviews by identifying damaged product packaging caused by shipping. Buyers are relentless when it comes to receiving a damaged product and the amazon box is in good condition. These negative reviews which cannot be removed, can easily kill your business overnight.

Its a no brainer to just factor in the minimal cost of this processing fee into final selling price, It is considered by most sellers, the cheapest insurance they have ever bought to help fight against negative reviews. Ask yourself "How much money would i pay to have a negative review removed"?

Detailed - Open Box Product Inspection.
If your concerned about scratches, imperfections, product contents etc. we can help. With our detailed product inspection, you provide the details of what you would like us to look for and report on. We will remove the product from its original packaging, and look for everything from scratches, rips, tears, dents, to missing or broken components and everything in between. Send us your requirements and a product description with pictures etc. and we will do our best to get you that perfect estimate.

Product Testing -
If your concerned about your product not working as advertised, this is the service for you. Describe the product you have and the problem your having, and your requirements. We would be happy to test your products before they reach your customers and negatively affect your seller performance rating.
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Avoid in-bound shipping compliance issues by having FBA Inspection apply all required labels before your items reach Amazon. We Can apply your Amazon FNSKU Labels, or UPC Barcode labels if desired. Does your product require suffocation warning labels? choking hazard labels? How about "do not separate" labels for your bundled items?

You can even have your branding labels sent to us or printed locally and we can pick them up and apply them to your packaging.
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Packaging solution

Need a Packaging solution?

You can order your product packaging from any supplier and send it to us, we can remove your old existing packaging and replace it with the new packaging.

We suggest requesting about 10% extra packaging to be sent with your order from your supplier, this will cover most shipping damage if any.

Other Packaging solutions we have found that work well are buying generic boxes from a box manufacture or supplier such as uline, and then have branding stickers made by a supplier such as Sticker Giant, then have FBA Inspection apply the new label to the generic box.

Unfortunately FBA Inspection does not manufacture nor supply product boxes or packaging.
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Merchant and vendor fulfillment services

Unfortunately FBA Inspection No longer offers fulfillment services.

Your Best option for fulfillment is through Amazon! You might not have know that you can ship your items to Amazon and they never have to be listed for sale. you can sell on as many platforms as you wish such as ebay, etsy, and your own website using wordpress or shopify, and many other places including walmart. You can use services such as "Shipstation" to connect these platforms to your amazon seller account, and everytime you get a sale, amazon will ship your product to your customer. Pretty Cool Huh?

go to Youtube and search for "multi-channel fulfillment" or multichannel fulfillment and find out all about Amazons multichannel fulfillment. We cannot beat their prices, were not even going to try.

However if you would rather have your items fulfilled by a third party other than amazon, we can recommend i know there are many more out there.
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Professional photography

Get all your professional photography done while your product is in for inspection. We have a local photographer that is very good. Need lifestyle photo's? No problem! just make sure you give us detailed requirements of what you would like, and we will get you a quote. If in agreement, we will deliver your product to our photographer, shortly after your product arrives at our warehouse, so you can have your professional photos on your listing before your product reaches Amazon.

Products being used for photography, should be considered donated and will not be returned unless requested. A service fee for returning items will apply.
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marketing proofing

Would you like one of our native english speakers to read over your marketing material?

We always suggest having your marketing material (ie. product box text, flyers, inserts, etc.) to be done professionally be a native english speaker. However, in a case where you might have used a translation software such as google translate, or perhaps your supplier suggested they can handle your design. Anytime your Marketing material is written by anyone other than an native english speaker, there is room for error or miscommunication, or just simple embarrassment.

We're happy to take a quick look, we are not professional writers, were not going to correct your writing style. however we often catch punctuation and spelling errors, and we tend to capture mistranslated words that could cause some embarrassment.
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Import-tax management

If you are importing your products from China or abroad in general and they must go through customs and you are shipping Using FedEx, UPS, Or DHL, be prepared for them to Pay for your import Duty Fees. There is no way around this. These companies do not "Estimate" Duty Fees. However These companies will bill the receiving party (FBA Inspection LLC) We are happy to accept and pay these fees on your behalf.

There is a $35 Administration fee for using these services where import duty fees are required to be reimbursed.

When you "Create a New Work Order" with FBA Inspection, you must agree to fees. Sometimes a seller might not know that their supplier is shipping through one of these carriers and think that their duty fees have already been paid. No worries, will will send you the documentation
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Forward Only

If your products and product packaging are such that even if your Shipping Cartons suffered damage, your products and product packaging would still remain in pristine sellable, "undamaged" condition, then our forward only service might be a great fit.

With our "forwarding only service" there is no processing nor processing fees. Its a flat rate per carton.

Get off those high international shipping rates as quickly as possible (we are located right on the california cost, a direct line from China.

Once at our warehouse, we can quickly observe for any "whole Carton" damage such as forklift holes, severely damaged corners and if your shipping by sea; we will check for water and mildew damage.

If everything looks great, we will send you a report so you can create a shipping plan and send us the pre-paid shipping labels which we will apply and then hand deliver to ups.

This allows you get by pass paying high International shipping all the way to amazon, instead we reduce your shipping fees by applying your Amazon partnered shipping labels which Amazon has negotiated dirt cheap rates with. the money you save will more than pay for our forwarding service, and you have the added benefit of our preliminary inspection of your cartons as a whole. If we notice anything substantial, we will notify you immediately with photos, and you can choose how to proceed.
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Modified Forward only

Our "Modified Forward Only" service is for those that wish to have a little more protection.

In addition to everything already mentioned in our "Forward Only" service, with our Modified Forward Only Service, we will also open every carton, hand select a few random units (normally located in possible damage areas; corners, edges, etc. and 1 or 2 from the center of the carton. We check these items for product packaging damage and amazon compliance.

If Everything looks Perfect, you can send us prepaid, Amazon Partnered shipping labels, if there are any issues, you will be notified, and given an opportunity to fix the problem before sending to Amazon.
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Customer Returns

Please Read Carefully - as although we do accept "Amazon Removal Orders" We no longer accept "customer returns.

Customer returns are defined as "USED" items returned to amazon by your customers. These items tend to be items that will sit in your unfulfillable items bin within your Amazon seller central account.

Exception -We would be willing to accept your Amazon "CUSTOMER RETURNS" under certain conditions.

#1 understanding that anything not in "NEW / Resellable" condition will be considered defective and will be discarded immediately, we will however relabel and send your "New/Resellable" Items back to Amazon for you.

#2 Prepayment of estimated disposal fees will be required before a work order number can be authorized. A final invoice will be sent along with the report, with a break down of how many defective units and how many sellable units, respectively.
Your prepayment will only cover the cost of disposal if all of your items arrive defective. Processing and relabeling will be additional and will be adjusted on your final invoice.
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Amazon Removal Orders

There are many reasons why you might need to remove your new inventory from Amazon, (customer complaints, compliance issues, large number of negative feedback, product testing, mislabeled products etc)

If you need to remove your "new inventory from your amazon account and send it to us to, we can help identify the problem, and offer a solution, fix the problem, then send your products right back to Amazon to help minimize loss of sales.

Disclaimer - Removal orders can only be "New items" FBA Inspection no longer accepts "used items" aka - "Customer Returns".
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Palletizing For LTL Shipments

We offer a Palletizing service if you are planning on shipping your items via LTL.

Amazon has special requirements that must be followed when shipping with pallets. We will stack your cartons in a manner that is safe and secure, limiting movement and therefore reducing the chance of product damage during transportation. Cartons are stacked across each other in a criss cross pattern for strength and positioned so that each carton label is facing outwards as per amazons in-bound shipping requirements.

We use a high quality / very strong shipping stretch wrap especially formulated for securing pallets. After applying stretch wrap, Pallet labels are then applied to all four sides of the pallet as per Amazons TOS as well.

We can also pallatize your items that may need to be shipped outside of Amazon. Its easy and estimates are FREE.
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FBA Inspection does not have an export License and cannot act as freight forwarder nor a customs broker.

We would be more than happy to palletize your shipment and help you relocated to another location in the usa that can export, or you can make arrangements with a freight forwarder and or customs broker than can export and have them pick up your pallets.

We can however help on a "LIMITED" basis for exporting as a "small parcel delivery" this is normally a carton or two that can be easily shipped through the USPS.

By "LIMITED" we mean, we can help you in a way that anyone else can help you if you asked them to take your package to the post office. Ultimately lost packages, delayed shipments, customs issues etc would be handled by yourself (the shipper). We are not an exporter, nor a shipper, nor a shipping agent. Our services begin when your shipment arrives at our warehouse, and ends when your shipment departs.
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Warehousing / Storage

Long Term storage is required to be arranged in advance.

Items arriving at our warehouse, that requires long term storage will be required to pay 2x our current rate.

Please double check and make sure all your items shipping in will be able to go to Amazon. If not, please email us and verify that we have room before sending your items in.

We are working on expanding our long term storage facility and we anticipate ample storage space and reduced storage pricing soon.

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