How to Create Your Shipping Plan


  • If you have cartons with differing quantities you will need to create separate shipping plans for each carton with varying quantities.


  •  You may feel free to mark this shipment complete after we have confirmed the departure of your shipment from our facility.


  • If you make a mistake, you can always go back to the previous screen or “delete plan” at the end. Even after “accepting shipping charges” you have 24 hours to void/cancel the shipping labels if you made an error.


Select MANAGE FBA INVENTORY from the top left of your Seller Central Account page.


Select the product(s) you wish to proceed with by “checking” the box to the left in your inventory screen. (This will be multiple products if you have different products within a single carton.)


Now, scroll up and choose SEND/REPLENISH INVENTORY from the action menu.


Click GO.


Create your SHIP FROM ADDRESS with your name, and our location, (omit your work order number and any C/O reference).

Your Name


Street Address line 1 1230 N Main St


City Fort Bragg


State CA


Zip Code 95437


Your Phone Number




  • Next, choose the CASE-PACKED option if every unit in your shipment is identical and CONTINUE.


  • Choose INDIVIDUAL if your carton(s) contain different products.


Now, you will see two lines, one for ASIN and one for the product. Enter the UNITS PER CASE and the NUMBER OF CASES in the appropriate column(s).





You may click CONTINUE.




Who Labels?

You will choose MERCHANT for labeling services if your products depart from FBA Inspection with proper product labeling, or AMAZON for labeling services you still require (FNSKU).


Next, you see the warehouse locations your shipments will be distributed to.






Click WORK ON SHIPMENT for each of the locations


  • Hint: write down the number of cases that are assigned to each location; you will need them in the next screen.




  • Amazon’s new recommendation to include packing slips in each carton is a recommendation and is not required. To opt out simply choose the third option for skip and continue on.


  • You will choose Multiple-Boxes if you have multiple case-packed cartons going to that warehouse, and enter the corresponding specifications.


  • You will choose Multiple-Boxes if you have multiple individually -packed cartons going to that warehouse, and enter the corresponding specifications.


  • You will choose Single- Box if you have only one carton going to that warehouse, and enter the corresponding specifications.


  • You will see the TOTALS of your units below, and also a tally of number of boxes left (you may ignore this “number of boxes left” at this stage).


  • Maintain the default carrier Amazon Partnered UPS.


  • Maintain the default shipping method Small Parcel Delivery.


Your SHIPPING CHARGES can be calculated by selecting CALCULATE.


Accepting the charges will allow you to continue to the PRINT BOX LABELS.


Click PRINT BOX LABELS and choose SAVE AS A PDF from your print screen.


  • Save your labels in a file titled by an appropriate description so that we may properly identify your labels.


  • Have your labels in a conspicuous place so that you may easily find them.


  • Save different labels as different files.


  • Send your PDF file to us in the same email you received your report in.


Choose: WORK ON ANOTHER SHIPMENT to complete the shipment for the remaining warehouse(s) and continue through each screen the same as you previously did until you have completed each shipment in full.


 To delete your existing shipment(s)


Select INVENTORY from the Top Left of your Seller Central Account page and choose MANAGE FBA SHIPMENTS.


The next screen will be each of the designated warehouses you have merchandise assigned to.You will need to manually cancel each shipment.


Select WORK ON SHIPMENT for the warehouse, and scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see a GREEN check mark and a button to click to VOID CHARGES.


If you have already passed a 24 hour time period you will be ineligible for a refund, although you will still need to delete the shipment.


Confirm you have voided the charges if applicable and then continue all the way down to the bottom left and DELETE SHIPMENT.


You will need to repeat this for each different warehouse location.