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Great customer service! I am very happy to find FBA Inspection and have someone I can trust in the US. Keep up the good work! Greetings from Guatemala City, Central America
Gustavo Molina
I am really glad I chose you guys for my inspection and prep needs for my company. In being so new to this, you have given me so much information and basically held my hand the whole way. I will continue using you for my company needs moving forward. Thank you!
Kelly Mah
Mah Money Inc
The FBA Inspection team have been a pleasure to work with. As a new seller from outside the US they have given me a wealth of support despite my small order and many questions. I can also see from their systems and organisation they are also setup for much larger orders too. The work order system works really well too..every shipment, conversation and request is linked. Thank you for making the process easy Caspar
Just a few words to say a massive thank you to FBA Inspection for their assistance and advice to us in processing our first product in the USA to be sold via Amazon. Their help and patience was invaluable and greatly appreciated.
Ken Ramsden
Director - JasperNow
Excellent experience from start to finish. All generic questions are answered in template email responses, and shipment specific questions are answered very quickly. Just a wonderful experience.
Brandon Hall
Great team! Very professional, well organized, fast and efficient! I live outside the US and wanted some goods that came from China inspected. They always kept me up to date with my shipment and answered any question really fast. Totally recommend.
Sam Merchant Sam 5/5 I just want to start by Thanking FBA Inspection for helping me and quiding me through the whole process in getting ready to be Shipped by Amazon without there knoweledge of Amazon strict quidelines , I would of had returns on my products!! Thanks to the whole team in helping me to get my products ready!! Looking forward to working with them in the future!!
Another Satisfied Customer
Amazing customer service and quality from the FBA Inspection Team. Very thorough and prompt replies to any question that we had. Looking forward to working with you again
FBA Inspection exceeds my expectations indeed. I'm very happy with their professional customer service, they have been very helpful all the time and I appreciate so much all the support they have provided me when I needed it. I'm impressed by their high-quality service and without any doubt, I'll use it again. Thank you so much to all the team of this awesome Company.
Wendy Zamarron
AMAZING Experience.  As new international sellers on Amazon, starting out without any guidance was quite confusing.  Living in another country made all the steps required to get products into the USA seem rather daunting, but after finding this company then speaking with multiple FBA Inspection correspondents and even the CEO himself, FBA Inspection got us right on track.  Every single individual that answered our questions was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  From when and how to ship from our suppliers all the way up to entry into the United States and delivery to FBA warehouses every single step was given in a timely, detailed manner, and there was no excessive delay or problems.  Custom logos and specific tasks were met with speed and accuracy.  Everything was made transparent and there was no hassle whatsoever.  This company has  left a great impression in my heart and I will be using them exclusively from now on!
Dustin Entz
Steepled Hat Studios
I just want to start by Thanking FBA Inspection for helping me and quiding me through the whole process in getting ready to be Shipped by Amazon without there knoweledge of Amazon strict quidelines , I would of had returns on my products!! Thanks to the whole team in helping me to get my products ready!! Looking forward to working with them in the future!!
Merchant Sam
Thank you very much! As always, it's a great experience working with FBA Inspection.
Wendy Zamarron
Amazing service provided by FBA Inspection! This was my first time partnering with you guys for forwarding and labelling my products and I have to say, I am beyond impressed. Timely notifications about the status of order, prompt replies to all my queries and your customer-centric approach have made me realize there is no one else who can handle my future orders as well as you guys. I'm so happy I found you guys and will continue to use your services in the future as well. To everyone who is still debating whether to try FBA Inspection or not, I would say definitely go ahead. You will not regret! Highly recommended to all my friends.
Dream Beauty
I am very grateful to the FBA Inspection team. I was impressed with their kindness, expertise and excellent service. They always sent me emails about progress and answered me quickly and correctly whenever I had a question. I can trust them, and I will continue to use them.
FBA Inspection is fast and efficient.  Even in the middle of the Holiday madness they turn my product around in less than 2 days. This was a sea shipment with 110 cases, fully inspected and reconfigured for some small parcel shipment and LTL shipment. Their prices  are reasonable for the various services they offer. They are happy to answer any questions you have in regards to the entire process. They also take special requests..Like I live nearby and wanted to pickup a few cases of my product. They were waiting outside with my cartons when I arrived. I highly recommend their services.  Thank you for your service FBA Inspection!!
Be The Passion LLC
FBA inspection is a Professional courteous service and warehouse. Highly recommend to work with this wonderful company!
DOLEV d.b.d
What can I say.. simply a pleasure to deal with and so knowledgeable. I will definitely use their service again. Super fast communication even at midnight local time! Speedy and superb.  
FBA Inspection yet again pulls out all the stops and from receiving my shipment inspects, adds labels and repacks all within 24 hours. This is amazing as its a new product for Amazon and now it will be live within 5 days of being received from China into the USA. FBA Inspection you guys rock!!!
Starting a company oversees in not easy. FBA Inspection did not just prepare my shipment. They helped with the entire process! FBA Inspection treats you as an actual human being instead of a number. I haven't seen a company with this kind of service in a long time. Thank you so much. I can't wait to do business in the future
Amazing Service
Again we received an awsome service from FBA Inspection. We feel so secure using them. Each time, we know that the inspection will be thorough. We will definitely request your services next time. Again thank you so much. Nicole
Nicole Gladu
Les Boutiques NICO
I received a great customer service, where they answered emails promptly and I also received photos of the damaged units due to there thorough inspection. Thank you so much and really good to have such a great supportive partner to take care of the goods. Joe
Joe Chen
It has been a real pleasure to work with such a friendly and professional team.  Everyone who we have had contact with has been great.  They are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful whether it be directly with the inspection process or simply in helping us to get set up and trading with Amazon. These guys are a real class act!  One of the best pieces of advice that I received when setting up our Amazon business was "get in touch with FBA Inspection" and I would offer that same advice to anyone looking to do the same.  If you are moving anything from China to the US you really need to use FBA Inspection.  It will save you money and reduce your stress levels dramatically.  Many thanks to the whole team.
Carl Pate
Awesome company, I'm so happy to find them. The make my life so much easier and less stressful when doing everything remotely and out side of the US. Thanks for everything!
Great Service!
We just started using FBA Inspection and I felt compelled to share my early experiences.  This team is awesome – what I love most about FBA Inspection is the personalized service that you receive.  You never feel as if you are just a transaction and that they are trying to complete your service so that they can move the next customer.  They are willing to customize their services to meet your business needs.  Erica, the operations manager, is an absolute Rock Star.  She is very responsive, very detail oriented, and a pure asset to have on your team as you grow your business.  If you are looking for a prepping center or a full service logistics partner, I recommend FBA Inspection without hesitation.  FBA Inspection is a rare find.
Adam Sherman
It's an absolute pleasure to work with this company. They very obviously take pride in offering excellent customer service and, in general, looking out for their client's best interests. I have felt on numerous occasions that they've gone out of their way to take care of me. THANK YOU!!!!!
My first time use of FBA inspection involved two items being bundled together and the appropriate labels being attached. This may sound simple but if you haven’t done it before you worry about products going astray,being wrongly labeled and one hundred other imagined problems, it did appear to be a formidable task. Thanks to the FBA inspection’s step by step instructions on the application form and the follow up email suggestions, I found the process really straightforward and worry free. The one thing I really appreciated is that you communicate with real people, and they actually read your emails and know what your particular situation is.  This is definitely a quality service which is worth every penny they charge. Many Thanks
John B
for someone who manages his business from the other side of the world and speaks foreign language FBA Inspection fits like a glove to a palm. I'm impressed by the accurate and clear communication. I like simple things - the highly professional staff made a complicated procedure a piece of cake. Words like: efficiency, politeness, kindness, availability... are not enough to describe this service. First class - highly recommended! Thanks inspectors! Nadav Drori - Peter Pan Patents CEO  
Nadav Drori
A big THANK YOU to Erica and her team at FBA Inspection. I received a super customer service, they were very helpful, they always answered my emails promptly. All through this experience I felt I was dealing with a supportive partner. My products were inspected thoroughly, I received photos of damages that occured during transportation. Again thank you and I will continue to send my products to FBA Inspection that way I will be confident that the products that I will be selling will be in perfect condition. Nicole
Nicole Gladu
So happy I used FBA Inspection.  nothing too much trouble and great information to get your product to Amazon. Had a messy Shipment but all resolved and ready in a few days.
Mike Anderson
Wow Your Home
FBA Inspection is your next door neighbor whether you live 1 block away or 10,000 miles away. In my case, I live 11,750 KM (7,500 miles) away from FBA Inspection, and I managed to have a very convenient service with prompt replies from moment of speculation, all the way until shipments were processed to Amazon's FBA warehouses. They even managed my multiple Work orders in the same day, with absolutely no confusion nor complications whatsoever. As a non-US resident, FBA Inspection is the best option for all foreign Amazon sellers; and with their pricing for larger quantities, I'm sure it will be the ideal firm to work with when my company grows. Honesty and detailed info guarantees your confidence in any shipment value while they're in the hands of FBA Inspection. Thanks again for all your services.
Anas Hamshari
Well! What ELSE can I say that I did not already said! This is an AMAZING company! I love the feeling of having a conversation with kind human beings, and not just a transaction...they are amazing. The service is so detailed, so scheduled, so followed-up. I would say to sum up if somebody did not get it yet...We will be with them for EVER!
I live outside the US and I'm brand new to Amazon FBA and private labelling. Well, the best and easiest part of my entire experience of this new venture so far has been dealing with FBA Inspection! They've given me nothing but incredibly helpful service and every answer to every question has been clear and comprehensive. Also, their communication is very timely which is something I value a lot. I can't recommend them highly enough to anyone who's considering using their services.
Ian McLaren
Dala Creative
If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Such an excellent company to deal with. The communication is excellent and forthcoming and they're always very helpful. They've gotten us out of a few scrapes. They're more than just an inspections service. They've also gone above and beyond by suggesting things to us that we wouldn't have thought of or knew that we had the option to do. They caught a few products that were missing some parts, but shipped the bulk, and kept hold of the remainders until our Chinese supplier had shipped the missing pieces over and they put them all together for us so we could send them over to the fulfilment center afterwards. They also offered all manners of support to one of my friends when his stuff was stopped at customs. They're just so thorough and meticulous. I can't recommend them highly enough.
FBA Inspection constantly provides a professional and reliable service. We have used them for multiple $10,000+ shipments. I highly recommend them for anyone who needs this type of service.
I had quite a few questions with this being my first time for FBA Inpsection were always there to help me along the way. Thank you for making it easier and less scary 🙂
Dear FBA Inspection Team, Again everything went smoothly thanks to you.  We feel confident each time we use your services and each time your work is impeccable. Many thanks to the Team and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Cheers, Nicole
Nicole Gladu
This is the first time starting to sell on Amazon and I did so with great trepidation as everything looked so complicated to me. Having gone through the long process of finding the right product and then the manufacturing and finally shipping from China to FBA was not the least to say, frustrating. I certainly was not looking forward to dealing with FBA and all the shipping details. To my surprise, even after some gross slip-ups in filling in the forms, I found Erica, the Operations Manager, and her team, extremely patient, civil and helpful all along the process. It was great working with a team that has empathy with the beginner. They certainly have my five stars!
Dennis Clark
Exceptional Customer Service My first experience using FBA inspection was fairly smooth except I had to call in 3x to give my cc for payment. Since I had to call in 3 times, they waived my payment for their services! Wow! I was pleasantly surprised and will definitely be using their services again in the future. They said they will be installing a payment page on their website in the future which I think will be more efficient.   Overall, the process and communication were excellent, and easy.   Thank you!
Heather Blaise
FBA inspection are the most caring company I have run into. They really care about our products and our success on Amazon. My advice to you starting out is - listen to them! If they suggest you do something or don't do something - pay attention... They know what they are talking about and it costs dearly not to listen. Amazing people to work with!
Once again, they did it! FBAI is a major part of our company! They are absolutely dedicated to their job. They are also the friendliest  company in the world! They are professionals and are absolutely perfect for this process. Also looking to solve your issues and problems. I will be using their service all my life! 🙂  
FBA inspection is fantastic, I really could not do without them.  They have helped me in all stages of my business from shipping labels and EIN numbers and ship forwarders.  They even picked up mistakes that I made on the shipping labels.  If I could give more than 5 stars I would.  Erica has been especially helpful, I cannot praise her enough.  I would highly recommend to anyone.    
Ruth Williams
Amazing experience and services. I would recommend to everybody. Always replying very quick to e-mail and always providing quality and professional services.FBA Inspection helped me with any issue about my shipments and always work quick on sending out.Keep up the good work and may thanks.
Amazing service !! Answering all the questions and problems effectively, quickly and with a lot of patience, when I ran into a serious problem, the team did everything right to help and solved the problem, they have shown me the justification for their service. Thank you.
Amit Noy
Once again, FBAInspection comes through - a problem with my selected packaging which hinders inspection - no problem - we'll adapt and do it!!! As a business partner, FBAInspection just made my number 1 spot! I cannot over-emphasize the importance of a partner like this if you want to import to the US and sell on Amazon - and their prices are very, very reasonable.   Keith Rowley keith@mysticalbreath.com
Keith Rowley
This was my first time using the FBA Inspection Service so as you can imagine, I'm very new to this. The team not only did an excellent job with preparing my shipment but they were also very kind and understanding during the whole process. They actually helped me to understand how this whole thing works. They were very patient with all of my questions and mistakes. I will definitely be using them again!
Very friendly and great support! Really recommendable! I really liked the youtube tutorials especially the one for creating shipping labels! They really take you by the hand and show you everything you need to get your stuff to amazon fba... Looking forward to working with you! 😀
Daniel Janisch
Stay Tuned Express
FBA Inspection did another 5 star awesome inspection job! Perfect as always. When you have a business partner you can rely on 100% thats a partner you work with long term and that equals customer satisfaction guarantee because you know your product are all checked in perfect condition. You cant rely on shipping agencies overseas. So this inspection is  a MUST! Thank you very much indeed.
Sweet Dreams with FBA Inspection Legends!
A big “THANK YOU” to the entire FBA Inspection Team! My first product is now active on Amazon and I could not have done it without you. The team was very patient, informative and provided guidance every step of the way. If live overseas and need a company to prepare your shipments prior to it getting to Amazon, use FBA Inspection! Thanks Team! P.S. I can’t wait to create my next work order.
Ava Jay
I had a perfect service, very easy to make FBA Inspection my new partner business. This company is awesome and help my for my first shipping from China to their warehouse. Thanks again. Do not hesitate to use their services.
Very easy and efficient service. Good communication and the team answered all my queries. Would recommend and will be using again. Thank you.
Geoff Gill
I use FBA Inspection services since May of 2015. I am based in France so I completely rely on FBA Inspection for my US business. They are super effective and friendly. I highly recommend their services to foreign companies *(and US companies of course) because when you are so far away you need to rely on the best warehouse/middle man services. Thank you so much for being so helpful and friendly.
These guys are super helpful, I'm new to all this but nothing is a problem for them and they are very supportive. Thanks Team!
Josh Rayner
Ultimate Industries
I have been slowly learning the process of selling on Amazon, and FBA Inspection has been guiding me the whole way.  If I ever have any questions, I know that the FBA Inspection support staff can answer them, and if not, turn me in the right direction to get them answered!  Thank you all for your excellent professional service!  The value of your service highly outweighs the cost.
Wonderful Service, very easy to work with and professional!!!
I am so very grateful to have found FBA Inspection. If you are an Amazon seller, these guys are hands down the best partner you could ever have. They understand your needs and are willing to go the extra mile in order to get your work orders done on time. They are quick in responding to emails and always come back with a solution to any issues you may have. The customer service is OUTSTANDING and the fees are very reasonable. I highly recommend FBA Inspection especially for Amazon sellers who live outside the US.
A. Ambrosio
Excellent and speedy service! I couldn't run my product business without these guys. FBA Inspection is very efficient, thorough, and so prompt. They respond to e-mails almost immediately. I really appreciate their great customer service. So happy to recommend them to anyone who needs their help!
Studio 33 Design
I am very happy that I have chosen this FBA Inpection company to work with. This was my first order from China, learning all the process and the Support Team was extremly helpful and kind. All my questions were asnwered immediately. I have ordered something which was not necessery, so they notified me about that and was not charged. I am greathful for every help I got from them. It is not a question that we all need this service. Thank you FBA Inspection!
Zsuzsanna Vajda
If you are new to FBA and Vendor express, using FBA Inspection is a no brainer. thank you! Regards, daslan
FBA Inspection is not perfect BUT they have the ability to keep a customer !
Excellent service would highly recommend. Efficient, available and reliable. Great rates of service too.
farhat hameed
If you just starting your journey your Amazon business, you NEED this service. FBA inspection was very helpful in helping us checking all our products arriving in USA from China at a very reasonable quote, especially if you are not residing in USA. The condition of your products is vital so it is not rejected from Amazon. I Absolutely recommended this service.
Philippe HEM
As a new seller to Amazon it can seem a bit overwhelming at times but FBA Inspection were excellent at walking me through the process. Always helpful and with very prompt response times I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering an FBA business.
Digital Marketing DNA
I was very happy to deal with your company and to use your services, you offer a high quality services, your team are very cooperative, and always there to provide help, they responded to all my emails very quickly and efficiently, they offered me with valuable recommendation, and helped me in all queries I sent,,, you are one of the best companies I ever dealt with, I highly recommend your services for any one looking for Inspection companies 
Superb Service / The Future Pathway
Excellent service... Help me step by step to bring the product to AMAZON! Nice team was happy to help with any questios... Sure that I use their service again 🙂 Have a GOOD DAY 🙂 Orli
The team at FBA Inspection have all been stars in assisting with my latest shipment. I had a problem with damaged  packaging, and they thought of a solution which would have never crossed my mind. Lateral thinking! They saved me a couple of weeks delay on turning my shipment around, and also the cost of completely repacking 500 units of my product. Needless to say I am very grateful!
Catherine Herrod
Honestly don't know what we would do without FBA Inspection. The team here is super nice, professional, and punctual. If there are any problems they are very fast to correct it and make sure everything is above standards. Living and operating a business in Taiwan can be inconvenient, FBA inspection makes the logistics simple and keeps to it's promise. Thanks for the great service.
Awesome Logistics Solution
Charles Rosenstein
As always a great service, top marks well informed and efficient.
I'm based in the UK so FBA Inspection is indispensable for my business. It allows me to say "I have 2x points of quality inspection from factory to Amazon" which helps improve the perception of my product and it's an exceptional service. I don't know what I'd do without it. It literally makes my business work at the level it does. Thanks FBAI!
We are based outside of the USA and this was our first product into Amazon. The support and assistance provided by the FBA Inspection team was way beyond our expectations. They were so helpful and their speedy responses and updates made the whole process so easy. We had some damaged boxes and incorrectly packaged product and they helped to fix all this without any hassle at all. We wont be going any where else in the future as this level of service can be very hard to find. We look forward to building a long term relationship with the team at FBA Inspection.
Five Star Plus Service
Starting a company oversees in not easy. FBA Inspection did not just prepare my shipment. They helped with the entire process! FBA Inspection treats you as an actual human being instead of a number. I haven't seen a company with this kind of service in a long time. Thank you so much. I can't wait to do business in the future
Amazing Service
We're a Canadian company selling in the US and when something went wrong with our inventory we had no way to easily and cost effectively intervene to fix the problem. That's when FBA Inspection came to our rescue. We had several thousand units of a product coming into FBA on 2 separate shipments. After the first shipment arrived we discovered a terrible mistake in that the packaging had the wrong UPC code on it. Even after explaining the problem to FBA they still managed to make a complete mess of it and refused to relabel the units for us. We removed the incorrect units from FBA and sent them to FBA Inspection. As well we immediately diverted the second incoming delivery to FBA Inspection. FBA inspection was able to label each of our thousands of units quickly and efficiently such that we were able to avoid running our of inventory and keep the sales flowing. Without FBA Inspection I'm not sure how we would have resolved this given that we do not have a presence in the US.
FBA Inspection Saved Me
Todd A
I'm a repeat user of the FBA Inspection service, because it works for me. They replace damaged boxes, they add product labels, consolidate shipments, all with no fuss. This has prevented problems delivering to Amazon before they could occur. Definitely recommended.
Excellent Service
Viv Sherriffs
Our company is new to Amazon FBA. ASM recommended FBA Inspection and I also glad they did. FBAI knows what needs to happen for products to be acceptable to the fulfillment centers. They were able to provide very quick feedback anytime I called or emailed. The FBAI website has a bunch of FAQ's on it, and if you are reading this review you are probably new to working with them, if not also new to working with Amazon. Read the FAQ's. I read pretty much every page on the site multiple times because there is so much helpful information on there. Somewhere along the line it was recommended that we order extra unit boxes/packaging from the supplier in case of damage during shipment. Thank goodness we did. About 2% of the units came with damaged boxes. FBAI was able to document the damage (provide photos and counts), repackage them and now we are good to go to Amazon. We work with a mentor who said "I wouldn't dream of ever sending a shipment directly from the factory without having it inspected by FBAI first". We are glad we listened to him! The rates are reasonable, they can make sure that your items will be ready for Amazon, they are happy to help explain things to new customers, and if you have any sort of problem, you will be so glad that you have FBAI's experience to support you. Thank you to the whole FBAI team! We look forward to working…
So Glad We Used FBAI
Andrew M
I was new to using both Amazon and FBA Inspection service. I was a bit hesitant but I can tell you, once I made the decision to join, it's one the best decisions I have made. My products were out of sorts, packaging damaged, missing pieces and FBA Inspection Team got them all back in order. They are absolutely some of the best in the business. They are problem solvers, great communicators,quite effective in what they do. I can go on and on. Thank you! Words cannot explain my gratitude. I recommend FBA Inspection to anybody selling or planning to sell on Amazon.
FBA Inspection Is Awesome!
Keshia Reid
I'm using FBAI service for a while now. They are always providing efficient, quick and precise service. I'm very satisfied , wouldn't go anywhere else. Many thanks for your fantastic attitude towards us!
Just WoW!
Istvan Ugro
Having never used this type of service before and trusting a service based in another country - I was very nervous....but these guys are great, very efficient, communication is superb, timely advice and resolved any issues that I had with my goods due to packaging issues. I would recommend FBA Inspection to anyone looking to sell on Amazon, have goods checked & rectified if problems, send on to Amazon. Brilliant company, great staff! I will be using these guys again and again. THANKYOU
Fantastic Service
Brendan Gannon
I am not in the USA and this is my first time trying out Amazon FBA and it is totally very new to me on what I need to prepare to have a smooth process from my supplier to Amazon. FBA Inspection is of great help in this area as they acted like my middlemen on checking on my products which I have never seen except for the poor quality photos my supplier sent me. 10% of my order came damaged and they even helped me with repacking! I wouldn't know what to do if I had sent them directly to Amazon instead. I would say that I'll be including FBA Inspection to my shipping process for my further amazon shipments.
Great Help To Me
Grace H.
It was my first time to work with FBA Inspection and I was glad I found them. All the staffs of FBA Inspection were responsive, patient and helpful answering all my emails and solving problems for me. I look forward to work with FBA Inspection again soon. I would recommend FBA Inspection for any businesses that are looking for professional Amazon prep services.
I Highly Recommend FBA Inspection
Julia Z.
These guys are fantastic! They even took photos of my products as I hadn't even seen them before they headed off to Amazon. Thank you for your help with everything and your understanding with all my little errors.
What A Great Service
Thank you FBA Inspection, for giving us the assurance that our items were safe and sound. And kudos to Jim Smith for forming such a team consisting of great professionals! You guys always answer my inquiries promptly and curteously. And I think your fees are very reasonable too! I won't hesitate to recommend FBA Inspection to anyone doing business with Amazon, and I certainly look forward to working with you guys again in the future. Cheers 🙂
Thank You FBA Inspection!
Living outside the USA and being somewhat skeptical about this whole amazon business model was a concern of mine. I was thinking... what if my shipment goes missing or is damaged. However, putting all those issues aside all I can say is that Jim and the FBA Inspection team have been absolutely amazing to deal with. From the onset, they explained their process in detail and kept in communication with me at all stages. They even recommended a customs brokers to assist in clearing my shipment once it arrived in the US. Their were some minor damages to some of my shipment but it was nothing major as the ground floor crew had replaced the packaging for me. The shipment was then ready to be labelled up and shipped off to amazons forfillment centers. Status: Inventory has successfully arrived into amazons forfillment centers and the rest is history Thank you for providing a Top Notch service. I will recommend you to my fellow amazonian business partners. You guys rock!
What Everyone Ought To Know About FBA Inspection
When two thirds of my shipment from China arrived with damaged packaging making it unfulfillable at Amazon, FBAInspection sorted out the mess for me - something I just couldn't have done without them. Thanks
They Got Me Out Of A Bind
Regan Blee
Thankyou so much for the service you provide, and how easy you make it on us...the seller. Will be using this service with every order and recommending you to anyone who needs your services!
Appreciate Your Help
Adam Palethorpe
Dear SuperHeroes , Thank You! Thank you for existing, thank you for your service, thank you for your support, for your fast replies and for making everything possible so that us too could deliver value! i will definetly recommend you guys everywhere!
Thank You SuperHeroes!
Quite honestly, I would be in a pickle without every member of the FBA Inspection Team. You made a potentially disastrous job smooth and easy. You are an absolutely essential service, especially to anyone living outside the US and selling on Amazon.com. Thank you!!!
Thank Goodness For FBA Inspection!
O Koranteng
Awesome service. So happy with all the team. They helped me all the way with all my question on the phone and email. I will be using their service all the time. 🙂
Awesome Service!
Harnek Shimar
Hi, Thank you very much Jim and team members for all your kindly support. You were patient and Helpfull answering all my newbie questions. Looking forward to work with you again! Excellent work & definitely 5 stars! I really appreciate you guys. Best Regards, A. David
Totally Recommend!
David Alexandru
Jim and his Team are absolutely fantastic. I am very excited to work with them. They are truely an essential ingredient to my business. I appreciate their quick and professional service and their good attitude. I am sure I will be using this service for a very long time. Thanks for everything!
Absolutely Essential
Martin Frischknecht
Jim and his team help me with inspecting my product coming from China. They give me the peace of mind that the quality of the products and especially the packaging reaching my US outlets are perfect. Thanks very much.
Well Done And Very Helpfull
Sebastian Menke
Thanks a lot to Jim and team members for you dedicated support and professionalism! This the first time I am using your services and I am glad I did. You are awesome!
Quick And Professional
Artur Khoyetsyan
Thank you so much to the team. I don't pay many invoices the moment I receive them, but this one I did! Your service is fanatstic and absolutely necessary for those of us importing to the USA when we are not there ourselves. Nothing is too much of a problem for Jim. Someone in another review says that he has made the impossible possible and I couldn't agree more. Thank you again. I will be using your services again and again and I'll definitely sing your praises to everyone I know who is in the same situation. And I know a lot of people ....... Cheers!
First Class Service !!!
Lis Protherough
Peace of Mind As a first-time seller of own-label products on Amazon.com, I was recommended to use you and now, how glad am I that I did. Right from the first email, you were all confident, easy-going and no trouble at all to deal with. It was always a pleasure. So thanks to Jim and team for all your help and easy-going attitude, which hid an amazingly efficient operation that really works! I would highly recommend you to anybody in the same position as I am. Trust them - they're Great!
Allan Watson
Eternally grateful to have met you. You made ​​the impossible possible. You went beyond what we requested. You were proactive, transparent and excellent communication. It is a five star service that you provide. Thanks for the excellent work and all your help
Awesome Job
Joaquin Baita
Dear team members, I would like to thank you for being so professional, fast, reliable, nice and flexible. I live in Europe and import from China to USA, so without your service I couldn't be able to do this. You did an AMAZING and OUTSTANDING job and I will definitely use your service again. Also I HIGHLY recommend FBA Inspection to anyone! Thank you soooo much Best regards Damir
Professional & Easy! I Highly Recommend FBA Inspection!
Damir S.
Dear Jim, Adel, Dragos and I would like to immensely THANK YOU for your help. We have rarely met such solution oriented persons so far. We are just starting our business and we had to face some extremely intense challenges. We were so lucky to have you there to help us get everything back on track... Mention should be made that we are based in Europe so it'd have been impossible for us to personally deal with the situation. Unfortunately we were also running out of cash, too so your openness and flexibility proved to be a blessing to us. We just cannot thank you enough. You and your team are AWESOME! We are more than happy with your outstanding service. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND FBA INSPECTION! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Amazing Job!
888 Team
This is an absolutely necessary service. I don't know how you can import anything without it! Twice now it has proved how valuable it is. On one occasion, one of the large cartons containing my individual small boxes was badly damaged in transit and consequently so were many of the small boxes. Another time the shipment was short. Without this service I would not have known about the problem until the shipment arrived at Amazon. As you know, Amazon does not like surprises with incoming shipments and can be quite unpleasant about recurring problems. As far as the cost is concerned, I keep telling them they should raise their prices. I can't believe I just said that! 😉 Bob
An Outstanding & Absolutely Necessary Service
Bob Morrow
Love this service! We are based in Australia and source products from overseas (mostly China) so it's nice to have someone we can trust based in the USA to receive our shipments and ensure they are in order before sending onto the Amazon warehouses ... so worth it for the peace of mind! Thanks very much to Jim and the team 🙂
Great Service
Thanks Jim and your team. You guys are very awesome. Good job and amazing service support. Thanks & best regards Eagle Trinh
Happy With FBA Inspection Service
Eagle Trinh
I couldn't live without Jim's services. In fact I have been so impressed, that I filmed this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOiNFmFaiZE&feature=youtu.be Highly recommended!
Best Service For Amazon Sellers!
I had a bit of a peculiar situation, but Jim was still able to help me out. Very easy to deal with, and they take care of everything from beginning to end. I'll definitely be coming back again and using their service! Two thumbs up from me
Worth Every Penny!
I source products from overseas and ship to Amazon warehouse's. We are based in Australia and often find that sometimes our suppliers will make mistakes with the packaging. Sometimes there are communication problems etc. It is the nature of the business. With that said this service is an absolute life saver and extremely cost effective. Basically if you want to import/export products overseas with Amazon, Jim's FBA inspection service is vital. Great communication, well priced and great speedy service. Five stars and a big thank you to everyone at Jims FBA inspection.
This Service Is An Absolute Life Saver
Oliver Williams
I contacted FBAinspection.com to handle my first shipment from China. To my surprise and delight it is owned by THE Jim Smith I got to know in an online course we took together a few years back. That made my heart sing. I know Jim is very helpful and will go the extra mile for you to handle each and every situation that might arise. I am so thankful to have that aspect of my ASM business taken care of. Very Highly Recommended.
Inspection, FBA Labeling, Freight Forwarding Hands Off
Esther Lesperance
I'd heard about FBA Inspection from others who I know who list on amazon. Initially I thought I didn't need this service. How wrong I was. In sourcing from China, but living in the UK, I needed someone in the USA to check the quality (and quantity) of my product before delivering it to amazon. Jim did an excellent job at a very good price. He was fast and efficient. Not only this. Jim to the personal time and effort to walk me through the amazon inventory process to ensure that I did not make a costly mistake in warehousing at amazon (i'm aware that many have made mistakes that took time and effort to untangle). As I said in the heading. A Five Star service and highly recommended. Thank you, Jim.
5 Star Service – Highly Recommended
Mac Monk
Just thought I'd let everyone know about the great service we got from Jim. We are based in Australia, and Amazon had split up our order from China, so instead of paying extra transport costs, we sent the entire order to him, he did a quality check of the products and placed the Amazon Barcode label on. He then shipped off the boxes to the different Amazon Warehouses. His communication was great, and even though we had a Pre-Shipment Inspection done in China, it was piece of mind for us to get it checked again (just in case they were damaged in transit).
Great Service
Sandy Riley
Jim's company was recommended to me by an ASM member. I am so thrilled with the service that Jim provided to me, I can't express my thanks enough. I don't live in the US and it is so perfect to have Jim's services so I can get my products inspected and readied to send to Amazon. Jim is just great. I will always use him for my Amazon products. Thanks again. I highly recommend Jim and FBA Inspection and Labeling Service to anyone who wants to ensure their products get safely and effectively to its destination.
What A Great Service Jim Provides
Judy Mackenzie
FBA Inspection was recommended to me by another Amazon FBA seller and I am extremely happy that I found this service. I'm based in Europe and sell on amazon.com in the USA with products which I have manufactured in China. It is not cost or time effective for me to have my products shipped to me in Europe. The service provided by FBA Inspection means I can rest easy that my shipments arrive at the FBA warehouses with the correct documentation and in the right state. The inspection service is especially useful when I start using a new supplier as it gives me confidence that they are shipping what I ordered and I'm not going to incur unexpected amazon fees for packages that don't meet their requirements. Using FBA Inspection is like having an amazon FBA expert check my shipments and advise me on things that amazon may and may not accept. They even told me how I could save money on their own services as my product didn't need to be relabeled. I highly recommend their service to anyone shipping direct to the USA from overseas. They have saved me a load of money, time and stress and I will continue to use their service for my future FBA shipments from China to the USA.
Superb Service
David Hall
Hi, Jim has been a fantastic help from the word go. He has REALLY gone the extra mile for me and I can't thank him enough. His attention to detail is astounding and I can't wait to do business again in the future. I will be recommending FBA Inspection to other people in the same boat as I am. Freddy Furber
Thanks Jim
Freddy Furber
Jim was recommended to me and I'm so happy he was. Some of my products arrived from China damaged and if it wasn't for Jim I would have had a nightmare trying to sort this out with Amazon let alone the extra cost. These guys offer a fantastic all round service which puts my mind to rest and well worth the reasonable price. Keeping me posted through each stage of the process was great and very much appreciated! I highly recommend this service and will continue to use them for peace of mind.
Without Jim and the service he provides my products would not be live at Amazon now.The service goes above and beyond the normal offering help and guidance through Jim's own experience using FBA.I have no doubt I will continue to use this service and give full endorsement to others who may wish to use this facility.
No Hesitation In Recommending This FBA Service
Roy Miller
They are very reliable. Jim would notify me whenever there is a problem with my packages, and save me money by consolidating packages. Great service!
Extremely Honest And Helpful
Jim and his crew did an amazing job handling my inventory with their service. I had a small amount of damage to my packaging which I would have never known had it not been for Jim. He sent me photo, and showed me exactly what the problem was. I have been able to fix it for my next shipment. Beyond that, Jim is able to sort the shipment and forward it on to the different FBA locations that were required. What I like about this is that I didn't have to confuse my supplier with the extra step of shipping to several different locations (which would like have cost more anyway). I totally recommend FBA Inspection, to anyone that I can. AWESOME!!!
Awesome Service
Heather Masson
FBA Inspection is a must for those who are selling on amazon, and are importing their products from overseas. I was very pleased with the quality of their service and the fast turn-around time. I had recently imported my products from china and had them sent to Fba inspection first. Jim and his staff were quick to point out a few issues with my order. They had discovered that my supplier from china had mixed up the model numbers on my packaging, and that the packaging on a few of my products was also damaged. Fba inspection quickly helped me correct the model numbers, and removed any damaged packages before they were sent to Amazon. This had saved me a lot of time and money, as I avoided having to send them back to china. I also avoided jeopardizing my seller central rating, by not sending these defected products to Amazon. I was very pleased with the reasonable pricing structure they had offered. The cost to inspect each item was very affordable. I would also recommend their labeling service, which is much lower than Amazon’s rates. You can definitely save some money by having FBA Inspection do the labeling as well. Would highly recommend this service. David Sacco - ASM'er
Fba Inspection Is A Must!!!
David Sacco
I used FBA inspections for my first shipment from China to USA and I am so glad I did. Jim from FBA helped with a small customs hiccup, he checked all the products and re-packed them to send to two FBA warehouses. In addition, Jim also helped with a couple of other problems with my product. I found Jim and FBA inspections to be extremely helpful and honest. The costs for using the services of FBA inspections is very reasonable. I would recommend Jim and FBA inspections to anybody looking at importing goods to the USA - he takes the worry and hassle out of the whole process.
” I Found Jim And FBA Inspections To Be Extremely Helpful And Honest”
"All I can say is that I'm 100% happy with Jim's service and, most importantly, the rates! Jim takes care of everything, including inspecting goods, placing packing slips, sticking on shipping labels and arranging UPS pickup, all these @$10/carton! If you do not live in USA, I highly recommend you take advantage of Jim's reliable FBA inspection service to give you that peace of mind."
100% Happy With Jim’s Service
Starting a company oversees in not easy. FBA Inspection did not just prepare my shipment. They helped with the entire process! FBA Inspection treats you as an actual human being instead of a number. I haven't seen a company with this kind of service in a long time. Thank you so much. I can't wait to do business in the future
Amazing Service
To me, the services FBA Insp. provides is comforting, in that I know whatever FBA receives from me will be in good condition. I think Jim Smith & co. are filling a much needed gap in the 'Offshore to FBA' supply chain. I wish them continued success in the future. If they maintain the level of service I have seen, I have no doubt the company will flourish -which is great for them and great for Amazon Sellers, as well.
I’m Glad I Know FBA Inspection
David Christensen
"What if you live outside the US and you would like to do business in the US? Would you like damaged stock by shipping companies to go directly to the destination and suffer the negative consequences? No of course not! Thats where super duper FBAI gets in the picture. They check everything and replace damaged packaging and provide you with a detailed report with reasonable rates. Our special group mentor millionaires use FBAI so we as students follow those instructions. This is such a relief to know someone is taking care of your stock on the other side of the planet! Sleep sound and sweet dreams 8-D Truly thank you FBA Inspections our friends and partners long term. People you can trust and thats what business is all about- great partners! Thank you!"
Magic And PEACE Of Mind! 5 Stars!
This is our first order with you, all the process has been really good and we are happy with it, we will continue using it. Thanks for your help.
Fernando Mendez
I am truly and genuinely impressed with the quality of service provided by FBAInspection. Every communication I sent was clearly and promptly responded to. Every communication I received contained information that was unambiguous and relevant. My goods were delivered to FBAInspection on December 23rd and by 25th (Christmas day!) inspection was completed and damaged packaging replaced.  The fact that the team worked so conscientiously over Christmas is truly impressive. With the report on the goods I received photographs of the damaged boxes and all other relevant information. As a conclusion, I would say that if you want to have confidence that what you deliver to Amazon is properly packaged and all Amazon conditions have been  met, you can't afford not to use FBAInspection. Thanks to the FBAI team - you're fantastic and I look forward to working with you far into the future. Keith Rowley http://mysticalbreath.com        
Keith Rowley
Thanks to all at FBA Inspection for being so helpful and supportive.  They are responsive to enquiries and provide a very trustworthy service.  When importing from China, you need reliable eyes on your products before sending to Amazon.  FBA Inspection certainly provides that.  Now I know I don't need to worry about my Chinese imports as FBA Inspection will take care of it for me!  FBA Inspection is now simply part of my Amazon product sourcing process.
Susan Tait
Creative Factory and Geek Envy Products
I have dealt with FBA Inspection for several shipping orders now and I have always found them professional and helpful. Having someone like them to handle incoming shipments makes life so much easier. Any problems with shipments are dealt with quickly, efficiently and courteously. I trust FBA Inspection to smooth out any wrinkles leaving me to get on with the business of selling on Amazon. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any Amazon seller. Keep up the good work guys and many thanks
Ray Whittaker
Let me just start by thanking FBA Inspection for their amazing, professional, excellent and kind service. These guys helped me in every step of the way. They charged me less than I expected. They provided an excellent service, even going out of their way or responsibility to help me. They were super patient even under special circumstances.  And didn't charge extra. And their staff is filled with kind, intelligent, capable and professional people. Every and each one of the persons I had interactions with made me feel like they truly cared for me and gave me special attention.  From the owner to the gals at the office and at storage. I completely and fully recommend this company to anyone who needs Inspection or help with getting your merchandise to amazon or with the logistics  services they provide. This guys definitely know what they are doing,  and most importantly this guys do a great job and they treat people with respect and a personal touch that a lot of companies including amazon should try to emulate. Feel free to send me an email any time I'll take the time to answer any questions or doubts and vouch for FBA INSPECTION.
Mario Flores